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IDERA SQL Admin Toolset provides the following new features and fixed issues.

1.9.5 New features

Quick Reindex allows designation of SORT_IN_TEMPDB

Users now can designate the SORT_IN_TEMPDB option when using the Quick Reindex tool. For more information about this tool, see Quick Reindex.

Space Analyzer allows users to disable WMI credential requirement

Space Analyzer users now can check or clear the Use WMI Credentials checkbox to toggle whether to require WMI credentials when running an analysis. For more information about this tool, see Space Analyzer.

19.5 Fixed Issues

Issue NumberDescription
SQLADMI-1803User Clone. Corrects an issue causing some users to receive the error message, "No user information found" when attempting to use the tool.
SQLADMI-1801Index Analyzer & Quick Reindex. Corrected an issue preventing spatial indexes from appearing.
SQLADMI-1799Backup Status. Corrected an issue preventing the backup file size from updating upon a second backup.
SQLADMI-1791Corrected an issue preventing server groups from import if the servers are grouped under Microsoft SQL Servers in SSMS.
SQLADMI-1776Backup Status. Corrected an issue causing tempdb to not appear in the Backup Status report after clearing the Skip System Database option.
SQLADMI-1738Patch Analyzer. Corrected an issue causing SQL Server 2012 updates to appear as new updates.

1.9.4 New features

Supports SQL Server 2019