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This build includes many new features and fixed issues, including the following updates from previous releases.

9.0 New features

Introduces new Workspace features

This release of Idera Comparison Toolset introduces new Workspace features, including:

  • support for multiple database files
  • database storage instead of xml storage used in previous versions
  • an increase in the number of stored sessions from 25 to 100
  • allowing you to select the Workspace database file you want to use

Supports SQL Server 2019

Idera SQL Comparison Toolset 9.0 adds support for SQL Server 2019 and the latest Azure database.

Supports .NET 4.6

This release of Idera Comparison Toolset required .NET 4.6.

Improved command line features

Command line users will notice:

  • a new option in the config file to encrypt sensitive information, such as SQL Server instances, credentials, database names, and more
  • more detailed parsing of the config file, which generates more warnings and suggestions
  • new samples, located in the installation folder
  • improved performance and ease of use
  • support for new UTF-32 encoding for output files

Updates to entity filters

Version 9.0 updates entity filters as an exclusionary method only. Previously, filters were used to include and exclude objects, which created some confusion. You still can include objects via filters, but their primary function is to exclude them. If you are using entity filters prior to upgrading, you may have to update your criteria.

9.0 Fixed issues

  • A fix in the Data Compare object dictionary makes the name-search for tables and views case-insensitive. Schema portion of the object name is now optional.
  • The Data compare Application Settings window contains a new option that specifies the max number of rows in the data grid.
  • Data Compare fixes an issue when comparing characters, which, in the ASCII table, sit between the uppercase and the lowercase chars: 90 < char < 97. The previous method generated errors in some specific cases when comparing these characters.
  • Data Compare fixes an issue with the mapping rules. In some cases, they didn’t save properly or were not applied to a comparison session.

7.5 New features

SQL Server


--4. turn on the remote data archiving in the database
SERVER = '<azure-server>',
CREDENTIAL = <credential>