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  • IDERA SQL Inventory Manager 2.6 now supports SQL Server 2019 for monitored instances.

2.6 New features

Cloud discovery

  • IDERA SQL Inventory Manager 2.6 now allows you to discover cloud instances whether on Azure VM, Amazon EC2, Azure Database or Amazon RDS.

Advanced filters

  • Users can create advanced filters on Instances views.

Exclude drives from Volume at Risk threshold

  • Users can now exclude drives from alerts on the Volume at Risk health check.

Support For SQL Server 2019

  • IDERA SQL Inventory Manager 2.6 now supports SQL Server 2019 for monitored instances.

2.6.1 Fixed issues

  • SIM Charge Back Reports now runs properly.

  • When  the user is modified, SQL Inventory Manager 2.6.1 restarts collector Service after completing the save operation.

  • SQL Inventory Manager 2.6.1 displays correct time stamp for database backups (full, differential, and log) in database details.

  • Users can set a range for ports input in Manage Discovery options.

  • SQL Inventory Manager 2.6.1 displays the appropriate core factor for each SQL Server version under SQL Licensing by Instances view.

  • Users can add a New Virtualization Host Servers in the Manage VM Configuration window.

  • E-mail shows alert with Alert Level, Instance Name, and the explanation of the alert.

  • All passwords are encrypted when stored and when transmitted.

  • The Administrator tab visibility is now invisible for Product User.

  • SQL Inventory Manager 2.6.1 disables the Display Name text field while upgrading SIM.

  • The Explorer tab displays only the tags associated with instances under Instance Tags section, and tags associated with databases under Database Tags section.

  • The Dashboard > Administration Tab > Manage Tags window shows all the tags to edit or view their properties correctly.

  • Loading and refreshing pages run faster than older versions.

  • SQL Inventory Manager 2.6.1 imports instances configured with custom instance tags that already exist, without duplication issues.
  • User Account configured for monitoring and discovering instances from a different domain, now authenticates properly on the server hosting SIM.

  • The console does not display dropped databases, and they are not shown Online.

  • SQL Inventory Manager 2.6.1 performs Health Checks for databases on secondary nodes of Availability Groups properly.

  • The SSIS version displays correctly.

  • The User Account Control window displays IDERA as the SQL Inventory Manager 2.6.1 Verified Publisher in the installation folder.

  • After installing SQL Inventory Manager 2.6.1 using the default ports, the launch page now links to the correct URL.