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  • The number of Instances that are up, down or critical.
  • The number of Health Recommendations.
  • The number of newly discovered instances. Click New Instances and SQL Inventory Manager displays the list of recently discovered instances. For more information, go to Discovered Instances.
  • If the Auto-Registration option is off or on. You can click this option to enable or disable it. For more information, refer to Auto registration options.
  • A summary of your environment with the number of instances, databases, data size, log size, disabled instances, ad available licenses. You can click these options to access the following information
    • Instances - Get a list of all managed instances.
    • Databases - Get a view of your databases count filtered by tags.
    • Data Size - Get a view of your data size filtered by tags.
    • Log Size - Get a view of your log size filtered by tags.
    • Disabled instances - Get a view of all your managed instances, ordered by status.
    • Available licenses - Access this option to view your current license, add, or buy another one. For more information, refer to Managing licenses.
  • A section of the most used Tags. You can click the pencil icon to manage all tags. For more information, refer to the Managing all tagsTags section.

Take into account that SQL Inventory Manager rounds off data so there may be minor discrepancies between the size data displayed in the Summary and Instances section of the Overview tab.