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  • The Sessions, Queries, and Query Waits screens in the desktop console are displaying data normally.             
  • The errors in the details of a Deadlock occurrence caused by an "intra-query parallelism deadlock" have been fixed.
  • SQLDM now correctly displays query data statements. All queries are matching up with their associated databases.                   
  • The error: "Key already exists, Parameter name key (Infragistics2.Shared.v10.3)" is no longer displaying when removing the Details column in the Signature Mode screen located in the Query Monitor.             
  • The problem that users had when creating custom dashboard in the SQL Diagnostic Manager web console, has been solved.
  • The friendly names are no longer being removed by SQL Diagnostic Manager.

10.2.2 New features

Cluster environment

  • A UNC path is set for DataPath for the SQLDM services in a cluster install.


  • SQL Diagnostic Manager runs the Detailed Session report. This report provides detailed session information of your selected SQL Server instance and is included under the Resource Analysis Reports.
  • SQL Diagnostic Manager has included the Deadlock Report. This report lets you analyze deadlocks on your SQL Server instance and is included under the Monitor reports.
  • SQL Diagnostic Manager allows you to exclude one or more disks when running the Disk Space Usage report.

10.2.2 Fixed issues

IDERA Dashboard

  • The errors "Error while fetching data” displayed in the IDERA Dashboard overview widgets are no longer shown.
  • The IDERA Dashboard is no longer having issues when displaying data for SQL Diagnostic Manager groups and individuals login accounts.
  • SQL Diagnostic Manager is no longer showing slow performance in the IDERA Dashboard.
  • The widgets are displaying without problems when SQL Diagnostic Manager has been registered again in the Dashboard.

Web console

  • SQL Diagnostic Manager is no longer displaying the error "Page not found" after entering valid credentials in the web console.
  • The web console is no longer having issues displaying data.


  • The Tempdb summary screen is no longer displaying unhandled exceptions. The widgets are updating as expected.

Extended Events

  • The query information is collected through Extended Events smoothly and is visible in all instances.


  • When exporting an Alerts report as XML in the Dashboard, the "org/apache/xmlbeans/XmlObject" error is no longer generated.

Query Plan

  • The Query plan information is collecting and populating to the Dashboard without problems


  • The "Availability Group Role Change" metric is generating alerts and notifying users by beeper and email alerts. This metric is generating OK status and working as expected.


  • The Disk selection located in the Resource tab of the desktop console is no longer having issues when displaying data.
  • Users are no longer getting the "The stored procedure 'p_GetDiskSizeDetails' doesn't exist (System.Data)" error, when they go to the Disk Size screen located in the Resources tab of the desktop console.

Availability Groups

  • The availability groups historical views are displaying accurate information. The Availability Group is no longer having issues when browsing back to previous snapshots.


  • The alerts status is working as expected when the metrics are set to run alerts in specific thresholds values.
  • The thresholds of the metric "Availability Groups Redo Queue" can be extended to higher values.
  • The sudden spikes and drastic drops of SQL Diagnostic Manager alerts are no longer occurring
  • When the threshold values of a custom counter are updated, the changes are reflected into the linked instances.
  • SQL Diagnostic Manager is no longer showing problems while displaying deadlocks information in the Alerts tab of the desktop console.
  • The Alerts summary is displaying the correct time zone in the alerts details description.

Other Issues

  • SQL Diagnostic Manager is no longer having issues when creating shortcuts for all users.
  • SQL Diagnostic Manager is no longer displaying installation failed messages.
  • The blocking alerts triggered with no description data when SQL Diagnostic Manager is upgraded, are no longer an issue.
  • The exception filter wildcard is working without problems after SQL Diagnostic Manager is upgraded.
  • When a user clicks the "Optimize Script" button in the Finding Text of the Analyze option, SQL Diagnostic Manager is able to receive SQL Script without problems.
  • After installing SQL Diagnostic Manager, an unhandled exception is shown together to the "Connect to Repository" message.
  • SQL Diagnostic Manager is no longer displaying inconsistent Wait stats.

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