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  1. In the Manage Products view, click Register a Product. The IDERA Dashboard displays the Add a Product to IDERA Dashboard dialog.
  2. Select the product you want to register from the available list or type in the name of the product.
  3. Type a unique display name to help distinguish this instance from another instance if you have multiple installations of the same product. IDERA recommends a display name using the location or function, such as "DiagnosticManagerWest" or "DiagnosticManagerProd."
  4. Type the name of the host instance where this product resides and the default port for the product. See the table below for information on the default ports for each product.

    Idera ProductProduct NameDefault Port
    SQL Business IntelligenceSQLBI9277
    SQL Inventory ManagerSQLInventoryManager9275
    SQL Diagnostic ManagerSQLdm5170
    SQL SafeSQLSafeRestService9998
    Sample ProductSampleProduct9200
    SQL Compliance ManagerSQLCM5200, 52019292Can register manually as of version 5.4
    SQL Workload AnalysisSQLWA20700Cannot register manually
    SQL Enterprise Job ManagerSQLEJM9271Cannot register manually
  5. In the Product Administrator section, type the user name and password for the administrator account using the domain\username format.
  6. Click Register. A confirmation message appears warning you that the system logs out your session upon continuing.
  7. Click Yes. Log in to begin using the newly-registered product.