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IDERA strives to ensure our products provide quality solutions for your SQL Server needs. If you need further assistance with any issue, please contact Support (

Known issues


  • SQL Secure only recognizes the first license key added. If the first license key gets expired the product will ask for a new valid license key, even if the product has another valid license keys registered. You can remove the old license key by deleting it and this way it will recognize the valid license key. You can contact your IDERA Account Team for an updated license.
  • The uninstall process may not completely remove the SQL Secure folder in the Program files but user can manually remove it after uninstall process completes.
  • The Snapshot Data Collection process for Windows Server 2016 is showing some incorrect warnings.
  • SQl Secure is not able to add new servers to Server Group Tags.
  • The Show Risk Only option in the Risk Assessment Report does not make any difference in the report list.

Security Checks

  • The Unauthorized Account Check Security Check is not listing the proper permissions for SQL Server 2008 and reports this message "Unauthorized member found: 'public' (VIEW ANY COLUMN ENCRYPTION KEY DEFINITION, VIEW ANY COLUMN MASTER KEY DEFINITION)"

  • SQL Server Installation Directories on system Drive Security check is failing in Azure Virtual Machines.

  • Some older security template requires a user input for the security checks but SQL Secure is allowing user to save these polices without inputting criteria. It can result in a risk finding in the report. When this happens the user can always go back in and edit the policy to update the criteria.
  • Not all SSRS reports are able to export to CSV format. The workaround is to export to Excel and open the report in Excel and re-save as csv format.

Previous known issues


  • Database roles and members are not included in the Report Card Details list on registered SQL Server 2000 instances.

  • The repository grooming job does not delete snapshots which are in an Error state. Snapshots in an OK or Warning state are appropriately deleted.

  • Clicking Technical Support Site on the IDERA SQL Secure Quick Start window redirects to an error page.
  • SMTP email configuration may not work for a secure mail server.
  • The Register SQL Server error message regarding supported versions needs updating to include SQL Server 2016.
  • SSRS reports do not extract to a .csv file.
  • The file type of an exported policy is not selected as .xml by default. In addition, when importing a policy, the file must be manually selected by selecting All Files
  • IDERA SQL Secure displays an incomplete error message if a specific user/role is given GRANT and/or WITHGRANT permissions by one grantor, and DENY permission by another grantor. The error message does not include identifying detail about the conflicting user or role.


  • Console only installations may display an incorrect message stating that the repository specified is not compatible with this version of the Console. Click OK to continue installation.
  • During a new installation, the Ready to Install the Program window refers to an upgrade instead of an installation.
  • Uninstalling IDERA SQL Secure does not remove the Secure folder from the registry.
  • The License Agreement does not display the correct year.

Security Checks

  • General Domain Accounts security check does not display results.

  • The Integration Services Running security check displays as green even when the service is not running.

  • The Integration Services Login Account Not Acceptable security check displays incorrect data.

  • The Row-Level Security security check causes the Risk Assessment Report to display, "The following tables do not have row-level security configured: '[R7].[DB1].[Table_1]' " for registered SQL Server 2016 instances.

  • The Transparent Data Encryption security check causes the Risk Assessment Report to display, "The following databases do not have transparent data encryption configured: '[R7].[ReportServer]', '[R7.[ReportServerTempDB]' " for registered SQL Server 2016 instances.

  • The following security checks for Integration Services are not returning accurate information: Integration Services Login Account Not Acceptable and Integration Services Running. It is recommended that users seeking to harden Integration Services review the login account and service run status of Integration Services using the server's SQL Server Configuration Manager.

  • If the Weak Password Detection security check is disabled, the Description displays a list of all the usernames that have a blank password associated with the account.


  • When changes occur between snapshots, IDERA SQL Secure displays the change information only in the Difference column of the Snapshot Comparison window and all other columns are blank.

  • Clicking the Hide and Notify when Complete button while a snapshot is in progress will hide the snapshot progress screen, but no notification is sent when the snapshot does complete.

  • Taking a snapshot of an Azure SQL Database from an on-premises installation of SQL Secure may take an extended length of time. This time is decreased when the snapshot is taken from an Azure VM installation of SQL Secure.
  • In the Snapshot Comparison, the difference is mentioned in reverse order. For example, "Changed from [DescriptionOld] to [DescriptionNew]" is incorrectly displayed as, "Changed from [DescriptionNew] to [DescriptionOld]."
  • If a user deletes a snapshot while it is running, and then tries to take another snapshot soon after, SQL Secure may show an error message. 

SQL Secure manages SQL Server security and permissions.