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SQL Enterprise Job Manager helps you to get an overview of your SQL Server jobs as well as manage their properties from a single web console.

With SQL Enterprise Job Manager you can:

  • View information about your current scheduled, executed, and currently running jobs across multiple instances.
  • Register instances whose SQL Server jobs you want to monitor.
  • Reschedule jobs according to your needs.
  • Edit jobs properties, add new jobs, and delete, stop, disable, or manually start jobs.
  • Start, stop, or restart your SQL Agent service. 
  • View the history of your jobs runs.
  • Set those alert notifications you want to receive, like emails for Job Failures for example. You can define which notifications you want to receive as well as the frequency or parameters that prompt an alert.
  • Limit access by defining user roles (Administrator, User, and Read-only).
  • Export relevant information about your Jobs, Instances, and Alerts in a PDF, CSV, or XML file.  

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