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To see the detailed results of a specific operation, click the operation in the Operation Status grid, and the Details area displays below with the following information:



Database Objects RecoveredDisplays a list of objects that were set through the Object Level Recovery wizard. The information is organized in the following groups: schema,  xml collection, tables, stored procedure, and view.
Keep in mind, this option is only available when you perform an Object Level Recovery operation.
Virtual Database InformationDisplays information regarding the mounted virtual database, such as the virtual database name, description, source instance, source database, mount time, point in time, and virtual database files.


Displays the database size, the size of the uncompressed backup, the size of the compressed backup, and the compression ratio achieved with this backup. The ratio is a measure of the storage savings achieved with SQL Safe compression technology.  For more information about the storage space savings you can realize using SQL Safe, see understand your total cost of operation (TCO).

Result Text

Displays text describing the result of the operation.


Displays the complete path of the backup set file for the backup or restore.

Backup Set Description

Displays the description you specified for this backup.

Storage Options

Displays the storage options you specified for this backup.

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