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The IDERA Dashboard Web Application service comes with SSL already set up. By default, SSL works with a self-signed certificate. This certificate is available for encryption only and does not prove the identity of the server.

That default certificate is not signed by any well-known Certification Authority (CA), and is intended for use only in testing purposes. When a user attempts to open the SSL version of the IDERA Dashboard web console, the browser displays a warning message. For more information about running IDERA Dashboard over SSL, see Run IDERA Dashboard over SSL (HTTPS).

When IDERA SQL Inventory Manager launches on your browser, log in using your Windows user account with the respective password. Type the Windows user account in the following format: <domain\username>.

Although IDERA SQL Inventory Manager uses Windows authentication when users log in, IDERA SQL Inventory Manager does not store passwords.

Session timeout

IDERA SQL Inventory Manager sessions do time out after a period of rest. Note that:

  • Sessions do not expire if you remain on the application.
  • If you leave the application for more than 30 minutes, the session times out and you must log in to regain access.