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If you are not seeing any compression statistics in the SQL Traffic Accelerator Control Console, ensure the following:

  • SQL Traffic Accelerator was installed under an administrator account.
  • Your SQL Server service was restarted after installation.
  • You are connecting using the TCP/IP protocol. You may need to create an alias to do this, or simply disable the other protocols.
  • If connecting locally, make sure that the shared memory protocol is disabled.
  • If connecting from a client that was installed under terminal services, make sure the Installing Under Terminal Services section was followed.
  • If you have reinstalled SQL Traffic Accelerator, that the machine has been rebooted.
  • If you have restarted the SQL Traffic Accelerator Watch service, that your SQL client has been re-launched.
  • All client applications that send traffic to SQL Server were re-launched. Please note that during testing, any time SQL Traffic Accelerator is started or stopped (via the SQL Traffic Accelerator Control Console or by starting/stopping the SQL Traffic Accelerator Watch service), your client applications must be closed and then re-launched.

SQL Traffic Accelerator also includes a diagnostic tool, which may be helpful in troubleshooting. You can access this tool via the help menu in the SQL Traffic Accelerator Control Console. This diagnostic output includes:

  • Which SQL Servers are detected by SQL Traffic Accelerator and the protocols that are enabled for each.
  • Whether SQL Traffic Accelerator’s client-side functionality is currently enabled on the system, which usually indicates whether the SQL Traffic Accelerator Watch service is started or stopped.


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