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SQL Enterprise Job Manager Home tab allows you to see a summary of the most important information of your environment and get a general overview of the status of your instances and their respective monitored jobs. 

On the Home tab you can find:

  • A list of the current active alerts for your SQL Server instances and their monitored jobs.
  • An Outlook Calendar view of the jobs available for the current day. 
  • A list of all you managed SQL Server instances with the most important information about their jobs.
  • A summary sidebar with the most relevant information such as instances that could not be contacted, SQL Server Agents that are not running, jobs with failure status, failed job chains, managed instances, monitored jobs, monitor job chains, and number of active alerts. 

How do you refresh data on the Home tab?

Whenever there is new information to be updated on the Home tab, the option Refresh (located at the top of this tab) becomes available so you can click and update it to the latest information.

On the top section of the Home tab, you can also find options for Adding SQL Server Instances, Adding Jobs, Adding Job Chains, Exporting, and Refresh.

The following topics explain in detail what is available on each section of the Home tab and what actions you can perform to manage your instances and jobs:

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