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SQL Safe provides you with CLI commands to help you manually expire tivoli storage management backup archives.

To perform Expire TSM operations use the following command:
  • SQLsafeCmd Expire TSM [options]

Where the required [options] are:
-Age <n><time_period>

Delete/Expire archives that are older than the specified amount of time.

 <n> - amount of time.

<time_period> - {minutes, hours, days, weeks, months}.

Note: There must be NO SPACE between <n> and <time_period>.

E.g., -age 2hours.

Tivoli Storage Manager Options

There are TSM options for your Expire TSM operations:

-TsmClientOwnerName <name><name> - the client owner name.
-TsmClientOwnerPassword <pwd><pwd> - the client owner password.
-EncryptedTsmClientOwnerPassword <pwd><pwd> - the encrypted TSM client owner password.
-TsmConfigFile <filename><filename> - the configuration file location.
-TsmHighLevel <name><name> - the high level file specification (path).
-TsmLowLevel <name><name> - the low level file specification (file name).
-TsmTcpServerAddress <address><address> - the TCP/IP address for the TSM server.
-TsmTcpPort <port><port> - the TCP/IP port address for the TSM server.

Advanced Options

The following advanced options help you perform Expire TSM operations:

-ArgsFile <filename>

The path to a file containing command-line arguments.

<filename> - specifies the file that contains the command line arguments.


Do not prompt for confirmation before expiring files.

For detailed descriptions and available options, see the CLI Help (SQLsafeCmd help Expire TSM).

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