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How do I access the agent configuration information?

To manage your SQL Safe Backup Agents, click SQL Safe Agents in the navigation pane. To view information about a specific agent, click the corresponding SQL Server computer listed in the tree pane and you will be able to see the configuration information of the respective agent.

What agent configuration settings can I view?

The content pane in the SQL Safe Agents Settings view contains the agent configuration information. This information allows you to monitor and maintain the performance of each Backup Agent.




Displays the name of the host computer.


Displays the version number of the selected Backup Agent.

Management Server

Displays the location of the SQL Safe Management service that the Agent is configured to communicate with.

Max Load

Displays the maximum number of concurrent operations that the backup agent can perform.


Displays the Windows thread priority at which backup agent threads run.

Send Status

Displays the frequency that the agent is configured to communicate with the Management Server.

SQL Timeout

Displays the SQL DMO timeout value, which determines how long the Backup Agent will wait for a response from SQL Server before timing out.

VDI Trans. Limit

Displays the maximum size of a transfer block for the VDI operation.

VDI Buffers

Displays the number of buffers used for the VDI operation.

VDI Block Size

Displays the size of a VDI device block. All data transfers are integer multiples of this value.

VDI Timeout

Displays the timeout for configuring the VDI.

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