SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL provides the following new features and fixed issues:

8.9 New Features

8.9 Fixed Issues

  1.  The Threads page now correctly displays queries that contains these “<” or “>” characters.

  2.  The Event Details window now correctly displays the event values that contains special characters.
  3.  The SSL settings now correctly save the changes after editing the servers.
  4.  The client user filter option in the Sniffer settings now works correctly.
  5.  The Locked and Locking Queries in Real-time are now available for MySQL 8.0+ servers.
  6.  The Connection Type is no longer changing from SSL to Direct when editing a server using API.
  7.  SQL DM for MySQL is no longer crashing when passing some arguments in the start command.
  8.  SQL DM for MySQL now correctly exports CSV reports when applying filters in the Query Analyzer, Dashboard, and Real-time.
  9. All chart series are visible for MySQL 8.0+ version in the Dashboard and screens.

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