SQL Safe Backup provides a robust, easy-to-use SQL Server database backup and restore solution. Behind a simple user interface, SQL Safe Backup offers an architecture that is both flexible and extremely powerful. SQL Safe Backup fits your environment, no matter how simple or complex.

The SQL Safe Backup architecture easily runs in your SQL Server environment with minimal configuration. All SQL Safe Backup components run outside and separate from SQL Server processes. SQL Safe Backup does not add to or modify any of your native SQL Server files or services. After you install these components, you can implement features such as Reports.

You must use the same Windows account for the Backup Agent and InstantRestore Service. During installation, you are asked to enter credentials for only one account and the other is created with the same information. If you manually change your account information, make sure you change it in the other service as well to avoid any issues.

Product components

Management Console

The Management Console is a centralized, intuitive user interface that allows you to easily and quickly back up and restore data on specific SQL Server instances.

The Management Console also provides a T-SQL generator, allowing you to create backup and restore T-SQL scripts. You can execute these scripts through scheduled SQL Server jobs or combine several scripts into a single SQL Server scheduled batch job.

Repository Database

The SQL Safe Repository (Repository) is a central database that tracks all SQL Safe backup and restore operations and the corresponding backup archive file paths for your enterprise.

Management Service

The Management Service receives events from the Backup Agent, and then relays the status of all current and completed operations to the SQL Safe Repository.

Backup Agent

The Backup Agent performs backup and restore operations. The agent is a service that runs on the target SQL Server computer.

InstantRestore Service

The InstantRestore Service is used by the Backup Agent to query and change any InstantRestore properties not managed by the Agent. For more information about InstantRestore properties, see InstantRestore.

Command-line Interface and Extended Stored Procedures

The SQL Safe command line interface (CLI) and extended stored procedures (XSPs) allow you to execute SQL Safe backup and restore procedures with batch files or through your preferred scripting language. You can also use the CLI or XSPs as an alternative to the Management Console.

For sample XSP scripts, see the Sample Scripts programs menu shortcut (Start > All Programs > IDERA > SQL Safe > XSP > Sample Scripts). The following scripts are available:

Product architecture

The following diagram illustrates the components of the SQL Safe Backup architecture.

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