On the Policies tab, you can see all the existing SQL Safe policies in your environment. For each policy, you can see the following information:

How can you filter your information?

In order to get more specific policy information from your environment, you can use the Filtering section on the left side of the Policies tab. You can filter your information by Status, Policy Type, Policy Name, Databases Covered, Instances Covered, Last Operation, Last Operation with Failure, Instances, and Databases.

You can save your custom filtering option by selecting your filters, typing a name in the text box under By Custom Filter, and clicking ADD FILTER. To retrieve your saved filters, click the name of the filter you created.

When using filters take into account:

  • If you want to select filters first and apply the changes later, unselect the option Apply filter as it changes.
  • To remove filters, use the specific Remove Filter option in each filter. For example, if you want to remove your Instance filters, click Remove STATUS Filter under the same filter section.
  • Under APPLIED FILTERS on the top section or your Policies tab, you can see the filters you have selected. Click the X icon next to the ones you want to remove.
  • Use the option Clear on the top section of the Filtering section to remove all filters. 

What other options are available from the Policies tab?

The Policies tab allows you to perform the following actions located on the upper section of this tab:

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