Use the Secondary(s) tab of the Log Shipping Policy wizard to select the SQL Server instances and databases where the log backups will be restored.

In this section, you can add, edit, or remove secondary databases. Each database can be restored with different options, schedules, recovery mode, etc.

How do you add secondary databases?

Click Add Secondary Database to add secondary databases. SQL Safe opens a new window where you can specify the SQL Server, the database, and the different restore options. You can determine the following fields:

Database State

Select the recovery mode in which the secondary database is left after each log restore, i.e. the status of  the secondary database. You have two options:

Restore Job

This is how often the restore process will occur. By default, the restore job occurs every 15 minutes every day, between 12:00 AM and 11:59 PM, but by clicking Schedule, you can specify other settings for the daily frequency and duration of the job. 

You can also choose to delay the restores by a number of minutes or hours. For example, setting this value to 15 minutes means the secondary database will always be, at least, 15 minutes out of sync.

Restore From

Specify the location from which the transaction log backup files will ship to the secondary database. You have two options:


  Take into account that to restore from a different location, the database must already be initialized.

After defining your setting in this tab, click Next to configure notifications.

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