IDERA SQL Compliance Manager can generate a Status Alert when it receives a status update from the Collection Server or SQL Compliance Manager Agent that is unsafe and could disrupt your ability to audit your SQL Server instances. Alert rules define what type of status is considered unsafe and how SQL Compliance Manager should respond. You can configure SQL Compliance Manager to write a custom alert message to the application event log and send an alert email notification to your corporate and personal SMTP accounts when the alert is triggered. For more information, see Use Status Alerts to ensure compliance.

There are two categories of Status Alerts:

  • alerts that track the Collection Server status
  • alerts that track the SQL Compliance Manager Agent status

In general, when the Collection Server or SQL Compliance Manager Agent communicates at their heartbeat intervals, each service confirms its health and compares its status information against the alert rules you have defined. An alert message is generated when the status is deemed unsafe. By default, each heartbeat occurs in five-minute intervals.

Depending on the amount of alert activity your environment generates, you may want to groom alert messages on a routine basis. For more information, see Groom alerts.

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