The Tempdb Summary tab allows you to view the status of your tempdb database on the selected SQL Server instance. These charts include options for viewing your current capacity usage and recent trends of your files over time. These statistics appear in the Database Statistics report.

The Tempdb Summary tab displays a list of sessions currently using tempdb along with their cumulative usage and tempdb space. These statistics help you get an overview of the health of your tempdb database and gives you a good indication whether you have enough space allocated or whether tempdb issues are causing a performance problem on your server.

Access the Tempdb Summary view

You can open the Tempdb Summary view of the SQL Diagnostic Manager Databases tab, select the appropriate SQL Server instance, click Databases, and click Tempdb Summary.

Tempdb Summary tab charts

The Tempdb Summary tab includes charts that display capacity usage and recent trend information for your tempdb database.

Toggle between the Version Store Cleanup and Tempdb Contention charts by using the drop-down list available to the right of the chart title.

Tempdb Space Used by File

You can choose to view how each file is using space on your tempdb database, displayed in megabytes.

Tempdb Space Used Over Time

You can choose to view how your database is used over time based on object type by comparing charts that offer metrics for the Space Used and Space Allocated.

Version Store Cleanup Rate

The tempdb database version store collects data rows necessary to support snapshot isolation. This chart helps you see the current cleanup rate to avoid filling up tempdb.

Tempdb Contention

The Tempdb Contention chart displays latch wait time (in milliseconds) for the allocation pages of tempdb. The three tracked allocation page types are:

  • Page free space (PFS)
  • Global allocation map (GAM)
  • Shared global allocation map (SGAM)

Latch contention of this sort is usually an indication that you should create more tempdb data files. In some situations, using Trace Flag 1118 may also alleviate tempdb contention.

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