SQL Diagnostic Manager allows you to launch SQL Workload Analysis in context of your monitored server from the desktop console and the web console. SQL Workload Analysis dashboard displays trending database activity and top utilizing SQL statements, logins, machines, and programs. SWA provides a granular breakdown of the SQL Sever wait states with easy drill-down isolate problems quickly. View real-time and historical data to help tune queries and actionable recommendations to improve performance. For more information, see the SQL Workload Analysis Online Help.

Launch SQL Workload Analysis

In the desktop console, right-click the All Servers option under MY VIEWS, and select Open to get the Thumbnails view of all servers.

SQL Diagnostic Manager recognizes which servers are being monitored by SQL Workload analysis as well. The  displays only under these servers thumbnails.

In the list view of the web console, the listed instances are well identified with the SWA icon when they are registered in SQL Workload Analysis.

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