IDERA strives to ensure our products provide quality solutions for your SQL Server needs. The following known issues are described in this section. If you need further assistance with any issue, please contact Customer Support Portal.

3.7 Known Issues


SQL Doctor may incorrectly generate the "No join predicate has been detected". This recommendation is generated when the No Join Predicate warning is detected in the query execution plan.

Known issues in previous releases

  • When upgrading SQL Doctor, you may receive a message that your license is expired. To resolve this issue, re-register and reactivate your existing license key.  For additional information, see Manage your SQL Doctor license. If you are unable to re-register your key, please contact IDERA Support.
  • SQL Doctor may fail to work after upgrading the operating system to Windows 10.
  • Average Percent Disk Time data may not be collected on Windows Server 2008 and Vista computers. You can resolve this known WMI issue by installing a Microsoft Windows Hotfix. To apply this hotfix, go to
  • When you used Windows Task Manager to set the processor affinity for the target SQL Server instance, SQL Doctor is unable to generate recommendations based on the CPU core affinity settings.
  • When connecting to a local instance using WMI, the security context of the logged in user is used. Trying to supply credentials under the WMI connection options will result in an error.