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Cmdlet Name


New-SQLdmMonitoredInstanceAdds a SQL Server Instance to monitor in DMSO 

New-SQLdmMonitoredInstance -Path Instance1 -Cluster cluster1 -WindowsAuthentication

  • Adds a new instance namedInstance1 to the SQL DMSO environment.

New-SQLdmMonitoredInstance -Path (Escape-SQLdmName -Name ServerA\Instance1) -Cluster cluster1 -Credential sa

  • Adds a new instance named ServerA\Instance1 to SQL DMSO environment.

Removes a SQL Server Instance from SQL DMSO environments monitoring


This cmdlet is the same for clusters and local environments.

Remove-SQLdmMonitoredInstance -Path \Instances\ServerA

    • Removes the instance named ServerA from SQL DMSO environment.

Remove-SQLdmMonitoredInstance (Escape-SQLdmName -Name ServerA\Instance1) -retaindata

    • Removes the instance named ServerA from SQL Diagnostic Manager but retains its data for reporting.