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On the first section of the OverwiewOverview tab, you can find the list of current alerts for your SQL monitored instances and their respective jobs. These alerts help you get an overview of the most critical issues regarding the status of your environment.

The alerts in this section are ordered by level of severity and grouped by alert rule. SQL Enterprise Job Manager displays four levels of alerts alert severity, also identified with colors: Critical (red), Warning (yellow), Informational (gray), and OK (green).  

How can you order alert rules?


Alert rules display the number of instances, jobs, or tasks task alerts associated with them. On each alert rule you can:


  • Depending on the alert rule, you can execute job actions like Start Job (Job Failures alerts) or Start SQL Server Agent (Agent not running alerts).
  • Dismiss - to ignore the alert for a specific instance or job/task. 
  • Collect Data - to get the most recent alert status for a specific instance or job/task.



Read-only users cannot perform actions on SQL Sever Server Agents or on Jobs.


For more information about what alert rules are available by default in SQL Enterprise Job Manager and how you can add your own customized alert rules, go to Managing Alerts