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Before installing 2.34, make sure:

  • To backup your previous IDERA Enterprise Job Manager Repository and IDERA Dashboard Core Repository.
  • Your environment meets the hardware and software requirements for installing SQL Enterprise Job Manager.
  • You have the required accounts and permissions. 

To install SQL Enterprise Job Manager 2.34, follow these steps:

  • Open the installer, SQL Enterprise Job Manager notifies you that you are upgrading to a new version and asks you if you are certain of this action. Click Yes to proceed with the upgrade.
  • Install version 2.34. You can point the installer to the previous repositories. Go to Installing SQL Enterprise Job Manager for more information. 

Keep in mind:

When upgrading from an older version, you need to upgrade to version 2.2, then upgrade to 2.2.1, and so on until 2.4.

Support can provide you access to the 2.3 4 installation kit if needed. You can contact [email protected] .