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  1. Go to AdminPoint > Management > Updates, and then select Apply Updates. The Update Installation wizard opens.
  2. In the Select Updates dialog box, click Add Update, and then type the \Upgrade v10.x.x to v10.x.x\Upgrade\Upgrade to v10.x.x\ file path from the folder you unzipped the download to, OR click the Browse button, select the path, and then click OK. The upgrade appears in the Available Updates table.
  3. Select V10xx_UPGRADE from the Available Updates table, and then click the appropriate arrows between the tables to move it to the Updates to Apply table.


    Once this step is complete, the upgrade is saved in the Available Updates table. If the application process is restarted or repeated for any reason, skip this step.

  4. Click Next. The Select servers screen will appearappears. This screen displays a list of all the servers to be updatedselected for update.


    By default, all displayed servers are selected to be updated. According to your preparation, as mentioned in Server upgrade order, you can choose to exclude servers which you do not want to update at this point by clearing their selection.

  5. Click Next. The update preparation will begin. If there are begins. Any pre-action items (depends depending on your installation configuration) to be performed, they will appear are listed on your screen. Perform the action items and mark them as done.


    At this point, while the Precise FocalPoint is being restarted, an empty screen may appear.

  6. Once all pre-action items are completedcomplete, or if no pre-action items are required, the update will continue continues automatically. The Applying update Update screen will appearappears, displaying a progress bar for the update.

  7. After the update application is complete, additional steps appear on screen. It is recommended, but not mandatory, to perform each action item shown on screen before progressing to the next step.

  8. Click Next. The “Finish” Finish screen appears, announcing that the application is complete.