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  1. In the Main area table, select the process whose parameters you want to configure.
  2. Click Parameters.
  3. In the Parameters dialog box, perform one of the following actions:

    To edit the default values for the selected technology

    Click Edit Default Values.

    In the Default Values dialog box, specify the values and click OK.

    Unless instance-specific values override these values, they apply to all monitored instances.

    To edit the values for a specific instance

    Select an instance in the table. Click Edit.

    In the Edit Instance dialog box, clear the Use Defaults check box. Specify the values to be used for this instance.

    Click OK.

  4. In the Parameters dialog box, click OK.


    After you change the default of the Minimum In Oracle time to load parameter in the Load Data process, you must stop and then restart the Precise for Oracle FocalPoint. The next step is to restart the Collector agents.


    Changing the “Load Data” value from “300” to “30” for Precise for J2EE can take up to ten minutes to take effect.


    You can also configure the Precise for Web URL mapping rule for a domain in a system: “Treat "Treat pages with different titles as different pages”pages." Select to view the URL along with the various titles that belong to it. The collected data includes page URLs and page titles. When cleared, you can only differentiate between different URLs, not between page titles. In this case, the collected data includes the page URL and the first page title for any URL in the system.