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Insight monitors the response times of systems and breaks these times down into the various tiers and components. Insight also provides tier-specific metrics to help understand the activities in each tier. For more information, see the Precise Insight User 's Guide or Online Help.

Alerts provides a notification system that will alert you to application response time problems and enables you to launch Precise for DB2 in context to view more detailed data. For more information, see the see Precise Alerts User 's Guide or Online Help.

The Precise Custom Portal is a lightweight, configurable portal application that provides access to various types of data from different applications. The Precise Custom Portal features a Web-based view. It is highly customizable and extensible, allowing you to build a dashboard for each user or each function within your organization. For example, you can build a dashboard for all the information that a system administrator or director of IT operations would need to constantly follow up on. This component is automatically installed as part of the Precise framework installation. For more information, see the see Precise Custom Portal User 's Guide.

Report Manager gathers and organizes historical information that enables the IT team to focus on infrastructure hot spots. Report Manager is a reporting tool that resides on a Web server. You can use Report Manager to compare period-to-period performance against a baseline and identify response time problems “atat-a-glance, before they affect your bottom-line. It queries the PMDB and displays the results in reports that are generated on a scheduled basis or on demand. For more information, see the Precise Report Manager User's Guide or Online Help.

The PMDB is the repository of the Precise product suite which stores application performance data for long-term analysis and trending reports. For more information, see the Precise Administration Guide.


  • One or more Precise for DB2 Collectors installed on one or more servers in your application
  • Precise for DB2 FocalPoint
  • Tuner
  • Listener
  • PMDB
  • Collector extension, such as the storage collector or ERP Collector

See the relevant product’s product's manual.

Precise for DB2 agents


Agent nameDescription
Application Performance agentPrecise for DB2 provides a complete view of application performance management by capturing, measuring and correlating performance metrics from all critical system components.
SAP™SAPIf ERP support is installed, the Collector also includes SAP. This agent provides data on the activities and resource consumption of packaged application entities. This data can help you identify ERP users, transactions, reports, and so on, that are heavy users of DB2 resources. The current version only supports SAP.
Storage agents

EMC Storage. See “Optional Collector extensions” on page 11 Optional Collector extensions.

Precise Listener and Precise for DB2 FocalPoint


PMDB Loaders periodically load data—collected by the Collectors and stored in the historical files—into the PMDB. When the PMDB Loaders run, the flat historical files—written after the last time data was loaded into the PMDB—are identified and opened. The summarized data is also loaded into the PMDB. Data on the last incomplete time slice is only loaded into the PMDB when the next scheduled load process runs.

Optional Collector extensions

Optional Collector extensions are available. They provide additional information in certain applications, namely for storage and for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Precise for Storage correlates DB2 database activity with the I/O on the back-end storage. ERP extensions correlate DB2 database activity with front-end ERP users and transactions.


If ERP support is installed, the Collector provides detailed information on the activities and resource consumption of "packaged application" entities. It enables you to identify ERP users, transactions, reports, and so on, that are heavy users of DB2 resources and to drill down to the statements executed by them and the objects they accessed. See the Precise Installation Guide or the Precise Administration Guide Installation and Administration.

How Precise for DB2 works


The Overall Activity resource consumption graphs display information on total time spent in DB2 and a breakdown of activities outside of DB2. Overall Activity can help answer the question: Is the application spending its time in DB2 or elsewhere?"

The following table lists the Overall Activity states.