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Introduction to Precise 10.3.0

Introducing Precise 10.3.0

Precise 10.3.0 is a complete Precise version, which includes and provides enhancements and fixes for Precise version 10.2. This topic describes the new features introduced, the technologies supported and no longer supported, and the issues resolved by this version.

Installing Precise 10.3.0

Install Precise 10.3.0 in the following ways, depending on the currently installed Precise version:

New Features and Enhancements for Precise 10.3.0

Supports Oracle Cloud

Precise 10.3.0 supports installations on Oracle Cloud platforms. (PRECISE-18999)

Adds Containers field to Report Manager Customized Reports tree for Oracle

Report Manager now offers the Containers field in the Customized Reports tree for Oracle. (PRECISE-19520)

Adds and Improves INIT parameters for Oracle PDBs

This release of Precise adds and improves existing INIT parameters for Oracle PDBs. (PRECISE-19517, PRECISE-19518)

Supports new collate type UTF-8 for SQL Server 2019

Precise 10.3.0 supports the UTF-8 collate type for SQL Server 2019. (PRECISE-19524)

Updates the Precise installer to open new user interface

This release of the Precise installer includes an update to open the new HTML user interface upon completion. (PRECISE-19409)

Supports additional technologies

Precise 10.3.0 supports the following technologies:

  • Oracle 19c monitoring support for AIX (PRECISE-19505)
  • Oracle 19.7 monitoring support for Linux (RHEL) (PRECISE-19503)
  • Oracle 19.8 monitoring support for Solaris (PRECISE-19504)
  • PeopleSoft 8.58 support for Linux (PRECISE-19214)
  • SAP Sybase Open Client 16 support (PRECISE-18876)

Resolved Issues

  • APM Installer Window height is too big for some monitors (PRECISE-19445)

  • Oracle 12.1 agent is crashing in AdminPoint agents tab (PRECISE-19551)

  • No sampling of data by SQL alert metrics (PRECISE-19532)

  • No baseline data in SQL Server reports (PRECISE-19515)

  • Oracle log alert not working and no emails sent when monitoring Oracle 19c database (PRECISE-19539)

  • Security vulnerabilities found during penetration test (PRECISE-19516)

    • The following issues are resolved:

      • [Medium Risk] Strict Transport Security misconfiguration

      • [High Risk] XML Injection (XXE LFI): Set the flag to disable DefaultEntityResolution which can be done while parsing the request XML document

    • The following issues are related to server-side configuration:

      • [Medium Risk] No Session Timeout: We have 24hr session timeout currently, this can be configured in the server.xml under <FW_ROOT>/products/gui/website/webapps/i3/WEB-INF/web.xml

      • [Medium Risk] Weak SSL/TLS Ciphers: This mainly depends on the type of SSL certificate applied on the server

  • Wait event is an idle event even though it is coming up as non-idle (PRECISE-19357)

  • Path of the action item is incorrect when upgrading the collector from Precise 10.0 to 10.1 running on a non-Windows machine (PRECISE-19478)

  • The following issues related to the new HTML UI are resolved:

    • Precise log in doesn't work on pressing Enter key (PRECISE-19506)

    • Tuning the statement in Sybase Activity tab is not displaying the grid title in SQL tab (PRECISE-19421)

    • Navigating through the tabs in AdminPoint is not refreshing the page (PRECISE-19467)

    • Sybase SQL tab is not displaying the title, and Statements sub-tab is not loading the view (PRECISE-19446)

    • X-axis graph time does not match the selected timeframe when the recently-used timeframe has more than a two-day selection (PRECISE-19436)

    • A descriptive alert message is shown when Application instance installer and download Application instance installer windows are displayed together (PRECISE-19537)

    • Changing metrics selection in the Activities tab of Alerts Metric Settings is not getting saved (PRECISE-19533)

    • Alerts Tab: Upon clicking Settings link, only Metric Settings pop up opens but not Metric Properties pop up (PRECISE-19416)

    • No scroll bar in the verification result window of multiple agents in the Agents tab (PRECISE-19513)

    • Enabling the Monitor Leaks and Monitor Exception in Monitor Setting menu page of J2ee tier is not displaying the message to restart the JVM (PRECISE-19469)

    • Location settings menu page is displaying the from and to IPs while passing only From IP (PRECISE-19468)

    • Deleting all reports in a customized tab leaves All button enabled (PRECISE-19476)

    • Adding a new statement in SQL tab and navigating to Compare sub-tab displays an error (PRECISE-19479)

    • Page up, page down, up, down, left and right arrow keys are not working in log page in AdminPoint Agents tab in new UI. (PRECISE-19393)

    • Navigating to sub tabs of the database SQL tab is displaying an error and the Compare sub tab is displaying the NaN values (PRECISE-19484)

    • Iframe settings page is not displaying any message when not passing the URL, and then clicking OK. (PRECISE-19488)

    • Parameters Window of Warehouse process does not show all data (PRECISE-19451)

    • Clicking OK without selecting any parameters in New Statement page of Oracle SQL tab is displaying the Oracle FocalPoint error (PRECISE-19483)

    • RE explain statement message is getting displayed multiple times when navigating through sub tabs in SQL tab (PRECISE-19470)

    • Zoomed graph time frame is not getting retained when navigating through tiers tabs (PRECISE-19471)

    • Remove Storage option from Precise (PRECISE-19301)

Known Issues

  • For Precise for SQL Server, you must restart the Precise Focal Point after an upgrade if you are using remote instances. You also must start the SQL agents after the Focal Point restart.

  • When an Oracle monitoring instance is created immediately after framework installation, errors can occur in Oracle warehouse processes located under Adminpoint > Warehouse Processes. In such cases, restart the Oracle Focal Point and PMDB focal point to resolve the problems.

  • After a fresh install or upgrade, you must restart the Precise GUI service before using the Custom Portal.

  • There is an issue with injdn.dll and injdn_x64.dll on Windows Server 2008 R2 with .NET monitoring. When a .NET instance is installed on Windows Server 2008 R2, a "Bad Image" error occurs. You can resolve this problem by installing the following Windows Security Update on the machine:

  • Some of the binaries from the Precise 10.2 installer appear as a threat under AVG antivirus. This is a false positive with AVG and does not cause any problems. You may want to whitelist when using AVG as antivirus.

  • The first time you access the Precise custom portal (ASD) after a fresh Precise install or upgrade, it may fail to load. As a workaround, a one-time restart of the Precise GUI tomcat is required.
    Use the following steps as a work around: 

    1. Stop the Precise FW services

      1. On UNIX machines

      2. On Windows machines
        .\<precise_dir>\infra\bin\psin_infra -multi-service stop

    2. Start the Precise FW services

      1. On UNIX machines

      2. On Windows machines
        .\<precise_dir>\infra\bin\psin_infra -multi-service start

    3. Clear the browser cache.

    4. Access the custom portal using url http://<hostname>:<port>/asd.


      If the issue still persists please contact Precise Support.

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