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SQL Safe is ONLY compatible with IDERA Dashboard version 4.6 and with limited support.

Known Issues for 9.1

SQL Safe Repository

  • The installation of the SQL Safe repository fails when it is installed on a SQL Server version lower than SQL Server 2019.

Known Issues for 9.0


  • The remote installation of the SQL Safe Backup agent fails in scenarios where the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redistributable or greater is previously installed in the machine. To install the SQL Safe Backup agent properly, log onto a machine directly and install the Agent\Management components.
  • During the installation of SQL Safe, the installer may identify that the VC++2015 redistributable or greater is not installed and suggests that you install it. The installer uses a registry key to detect whether the correct version of the VC++ redistributable is installed. There is a Microsoft bug with some versions of VC++ that cause that registry key to be deleted which triggers this problem. However, during your SQL Safe installation, you are prompted with dialog boxes to complete the installation of the required VC++ version.