IDERA strives to ensure our products provide quality solutions for your SQL Server needs. The following known IDERA SQL Compliance Manager issues are described in this section. If you need further assistance with any issue, please contact .

Installation and configuration issues

Installation or upgrade of SQL Server 2012 native client may cause the system to reboot

When installing or upgrading the version of the native client, once the process is complete, a system reboot occurs without previous warning. 

IDERA Dashboard 3.0.3 and later does not support SQL Server 2005 SP1

Users should not attempt to install SQL Compliance Manager with IDERA Dashboard 3.0.3 and later on a SQL Server 2005 SP1 as that version of SQL Server is not supported by IDERA  Dashboard.

Verify SQL Compliance Manager repository database size before upgrading

It is important to check the size of the SQL Compliance Manager repository databases on the Collection Server before proceeding with an upgrade. There are four databases created by SQL Compliance Manager: SQLcompliance; SQLcompliance.Processing; SQLcompliance.<Instance>; SQLcompliance.<Instance>_Time_Partition. Each database should be under 20 GB to complete a successful upgrade. In order to avoid problems during the upgrade due to database size, IDERA recommends that you regularly archive the repository data to maintain the audit history. For more information about archiving, see Manage Audit Data. If archiving the data through SQL Compliance Manager is not an option at the time of the upgrade, it is recommended to back up the repository databases and delete unneeded records from the Events and EventSQL tables of the event databases.

Case-sensitivity required when specifying the Repository database name

When specifying the location and name of your Repository database, SQL Compliance Manager requires that you use proper capitalization.

IDERA SQL Compliance Manager does not capture Linked Server Trace Events for SQL Server 2005

Linked server events are not present in the trace files for SQL Server 2005, therefore linked server events are not captured in IDERA SQL Compliance Manager and no alerts will trigger. Microsoft has ended extended support for this version. 

Create/Drop index events recorded as “Alter User Table” event

SQL Compliance Manager records Create/Drop index events as “Alter User Table” events.

IDERA SQL Compliance Manager is not loading events accessed through a View

SQL Compliance Manager does not display Sensitive Column events when accessed from a view. To access the information using views gather and filter out all SELECT statements.

Note that this action will cause extra collection.

SQL Compliance Manager is not able to process alerts when a Group of users is set as a Privileged User

If a group is set as a Privileged User, the triggered alert is not able to detect individual users within a group. To process the alerts, users can set up the alert settings to detect the individual user logins.

SQL Compliance Manager displays incorrect Database name for event type "Create Database"

When users capture a "Create Database" event, SQL Compliance Manager changes the Database name to "Dynamic SQL". 

Issues loading BAD auditing information

IDERA SQL Compliance Manager is not able to capture BAD auditing information when two objects with the same name exist in the same schema.

SQL Text is not captured for DDL Statements

When monitoring an instance for DDL event, SQL Compliance Manager is not able to capture SQL Statements for DDL activities unless a user is added to the Privileged User Group. Users can also capture SQL Text by selecting Capture SQL statements for DDL and Security changes at Database Level.

Known issues in version 5.5

General issues

Auditing issues

Known issues in version 5.4.x

General issues

Auditing issues

Alerting issues

Reporting issues

SQL Compliance Manager monitor, audit and alert on SQL user activity and data changes.
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