SQL Admin Toolset provides the following new features and fixed issues.

1.7 New features

There are no new features in this release.

1.7 Fixed issues

Backup Status tool

This release corrects an issue causing the Backup Status tool to unnecessarily increase memory consumption.

SQL Search tool

This release corrects an issue causing the SQL Search tool to include excerpts that did not contain the search string.

SQL Discovery tool

Connection Check tool

The Server Health Check function of the Connection Check tool now properly connects with SQL Server authentication credentials.

Multi Query tool

This release fixes a possible handle leak in the Multi Query tool.

Database Mover tool

This release corrects an issue causing the Database Mover tool to lock when copying a large database.

User Clone tool

The User Clone tool now properly clones explicit permissions for a database.

Job Mover tool

This release corrects an issue preventing the Job Mover tool from copying the job output file settings.

Quick Reindex tool

Partition Generator tool

The Partition Generator tool no longer displays an error message when a user attempts to use the tool on servers running SQL Server 2008 R2 Data Center Edition.

Inventory Reporter tool

Index Analyzer tool

Space Analyzer tool

The new Auto Unit field in the Space Analyzer tool allows you to select the unit of measurement that best displays your results.

Server Statistics tool

The Server Statistics tool now returns all the correct data when connected to a SQL server 2012 database.

Server Ping tool

This release corrects an issue causing the Server Ping tool to show an exception to SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager users with a local server.


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