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The Instances tab helps you get a complete view of all your registered SQL Server instances and their respective jobs. From this tab you can manage your instances: edit their properties, add new instances, view their status, their Agent status, their total number of jobs, and the respective number of jobs with failures. For more information, go to What information is available on the instances tab?

Additionally, the Instances tab allows you to perform actions such as remove registered SQL server instances, start/stop/restart SQL Server Agents service, edit SQL connection credentials, and Refresh data. Actions can be executed on single instances or as bulk operations on several instances. For more information, go to What actions can you perform on a single instance? or What bulk operations are available for several instances?

The following sections explain in detail the information available on the instances tab, how to filter the information on this tab, actions that can be executed on single or several instances, how to edit instances properties, and how to register new instances. 


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