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Upgrading from a previous version

Because of the addition of roles, all user accounts in a previous version of the product are added to the IDERA Dashboard but are not assigned a role and cannot access IDERA SQL Inventory Manager until the administrator changes the account permissions. Note that the administrator is the account specified during the IDERA Dashboard installation.

To change user account permissions, go to IDERA Dashboard > Administration > Manage Users. Edit a user account. Select the IDERA SQL Inventory Manager product, and then assign a role of Product Administrator, Product User, or Product Guest. Click Save, and then repeat these steps for each user account.

Now grant the user accounts access to the instances in your environment. Go to SQL Inventory Manager > Administration > Manage Users. Click the link for the name of the user account. In the Access to SQL Server Instances section of the Edit Users window, select whether you want to grant the user account access to all instances or a selection of instances. If you want to grant access to only selected instances, choose those instances using wither the tag or instance name. Click Save.

For more information about user accounts and roles, see Managing users in the IDERA Dashboard.

Supports core licensing for SQL Server 2012 and later

Users who have SQL Server 2012 and later instances using core licensing now can take advantage of the following additional core license-specific features and support available in IDERA SQL Inventory Manager 2.2:

For more information about using SQL Server core licensing within IDERA SQL Inventory Manager, see How to manage SQL Server licensing.

Supports MS SQL Server 2016

IDERA SQL Inventory Manager 2.2 and later support hosting repositories and monitoring instances using SQL Server 2016. For more information about supported platforms, see Software requirements.

Improved performance

IDERA SQL Inventory Manager 2.2 includes a number of internal updates aimed at improving performance.

Allows configuration for some health checks

Users now can configure the alert threshold settings for the following health checks to customize alerts for particular environments:

  • Database backup is not current
  • SQL Server is down
  • SQL Server is slow

For more information about customizing these health check alerts, see How to manage health checks.


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