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Use the following information and instructions to successfully deploy the SafeToSQL utility in your production SQL Server environment.


Installing and running SafeToSQL requires .NET Framework 2.0, but does not require that you install SQLsafe. Because SafeToSQL will expand your SQLsafe backups to the same size as native backups, you should ensure adequate disk space is available for the converted backups.

How to install SafeToSQL

You can install the SafeToSQL utility from the main setup program.

To install SafeToSQL:

  1. Log on with an administrator account to the computer on which you want to install SafeToSQL.
  2. Run Setup.exe in the root of the installation kit or click SafeToSQL Utility on the Install section of the Welcome window.
  3. Read the Welcome window, and then click Next.
  4. Review and accept the license agreement by selecting I accept the terms in the license agreement, and then click Next.
  5. Choose the destination folder, and then click Next.
  6. Click Install.