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Use the Activate Manually window to manually activate your license key when the target computer on which SQL Doctor is installed does not have Internet access or is otherwise offline. Use the provided buttons to copy the necessary information and then email to activate this license. 

Access the Activate Manually window

The Licensing Console automatically opens when you start SQL Doctor.

To access the Activate Manually window

  1. Click Register.
  2. On the Register Your Software window, type the required information.
  3. Click Register.
  4. On the Activate Your Software window, click the option to activate your license manually.

Manually activating your license

  1. Use the provided buttons to copy the license key and machine code.
  2. Email or phone IDERA Licensing, and provide the Licensing Representative with the information you copied in Step 1. IDERA Licensing provides you with an activation code.
  3. Type the activation code in the corresponding field on this window.

Use the Activate Manually window

Use the following fields to manually activate your software:

Copy license key and machine code to email IDERA

Click Copy to Email to open a new email message, pre-populated with the license key and machine code, that you can immediately send to IDERA Licensing to start the manual activation process.

Copy license key and machine code for your records

Click Copy to Clipboard to copy your license information and then paste it into an application such as Microsoft Word.

Return to the previous activation window

Click Go Back to return to the Activate Your License window and choose a different activation route.

Complete the license activation

Click Activate to complete the license activation process and begin using this product in production.


Stops the licensing process at this step. The next time you start the product, the Licensing Console prompts you to activate your license.

Activation Code

Allows you to enter the activation code provided by IDERA Licensing.

Machine Code

Displays the serial number of the computer on which you have installed the registered product.

Machine ID

Displays the corresponding ID number for this computer.

License Key

Displays the license key you entered when you registered the product.

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