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Virtual Database (VDB) is a powerful solution that lets you attach SQL Server backup files and query them like real databases. Virtual Database allows you to gain instant access to critical data in a backup file without spending the time and storage previously required for restore. In minutes, you can create a virtual database and then use any native SQL Server or third-party tools to query and extract the data you need.

Any operation that you can perform on a physical database can be performed on a virtual database. Likewise, applications that rely on getting information from this database can continue using the virtual version. You can also access this virtual database using Microsoft SQL Server tools, such as Management Studio, and other third-party applications.

You can modify the data and objects in the virtual database. However, because the virtual database is based on archived data, your changes will not persist when you detach the virtual database. To preserve your changes, backup the modified virtual database and then create a new virtual database using those backup files.

Virtual Database offers the following features:

Virtual recovery

Provides instant, feature-rich access to all data from within SQL Safe backup and native SQL Server backup files.

Point-in-time selection

Provides point-in-time selection and recovery, allowing granular control over the state of the data displayed in the virtual database.

Native SQL Server and third-party application access

Use existing SQL Server tools such as SQL Server Management Studio and third-party applications to interact with the new virtual database as though it were an actual physical database.

Intuitive Console

Allows virtual databases to be quickly and easily created, edited, or removed.

No impact to production servers

Installs to a single non-critical server and attaches all virtual databases to a single SQL Server instance.

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