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The Server Group Tags view lets you view a list of tags that are available in IDERA SQL Secure. Click a tag, and SQL Secure displays the list of SQL Servers within that tag at the bottom of the view. Use tags to group or organize instances for better management when taking snapshots. You can:

  • snapshot all the servers you have registered
  • snapshot a particular tagged group of servers
  • snapshot a specific set of multiple tagged servers

For more information about snapshots, see Use snapshots to collect audit data.

Managing tags

Users can create, edit, and delete tags using the Server Group Tags view available from the Manage SQL Secure view.

To create a server group tag:

  • Click Create Server Group Tag.

To edit an existing tag:

  1. Right-click the tag you want to edit, and then select Edit Tag where you can edit the name a description of the tag.
  2. Make the appropriate change(s), and then click OK.

To add server(s) to the tag:

  1. Right-click the tag to witch you want to add a server, and select Add Server(s).
  2. Select the SQL Server you want to add to the tag from the list of available servers.
  3. Click OK.

To delete an existing tag:

  • Right-click the tag you want to delete, and then select Delete Tag. SQL Secure removes the tag from the list and no longer offers the tag as an option when registering a server.

You can choose which columns to display on this list, group by columns, save the information, and print it, by going to the menu grid located on the top right section.

Creating a snapshot on the tag

Selecting SQL Servers to include in a snapshot is much faster when the servers all are tagged with the same server group tag. Use the following steps to take a snapshot from a tag already populated with the appropriate SQL Servers.

To take a snapshot of the servers in a tag:

  1. In the Manage SQL Secure view, click the Server Group Tags option.
  2. Take the snapshot using one of the following processes:
    • Select the tag you want to snapshot, and then select Take Snapshot Now from the Snapshots menu.
    • Right-click the tag you want to snapshot, and then select Take Snapshot Now.
      SQL Secure takes a snapshot of the servers in the selected server group tag.
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