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Register Azure SQL Database in SQL Secure

  1. Run SQL Secure in the root of the installation kit.
  2. On the main wizard select File and Register a SQL Server.
  3. The Welcome to the Register a SQL Server Wizard displays a list of things to do in the registration process, click Next to continue.
  4. In the Select a SQL Server page select and enter the following:
    1. Server Type: Select Azure SQL Database.
    2. Server: Enter your Server Name (i.e.
    3. Port Number: Specify the default port number (1433) or the port number you configured on the Azure SQL Database Instance.
  5. Click Next to continue.
  6. Enter Azure Active Directory credentials or SQL Server Authentication credentials on the Specify Connection Credentials section, then Click Next to continue.

    Connection Error

    Configure your Azure SQL Server Firewall if a Connection Error displays.

  7. On the Add to Server Group section, optionally select the Server Group Tag and click Next.
  8. On the Specify the SQL Server Objects to Audit section, all objects are selected by default, select the ones you want to audit, and click Next to continue.
  9. Set a schedule on the Schedule Snapshots section, and click Next to continue.
  10. Configure notifications on the Configure Email Notification section, and click Next.
  11. On the Take a Snapshot section, you have the following options:

    1. Select the registration process option and wait until it ends, then begin with the collecting data process.
    2. Let the data collection run on an schedule or manually collect data by selecting the registered server.

      SQL Server Agent

      Before you begin collecting data make sure that the SQL Server Agent is running, otherwise the data collection will fail.

  12. Right Click and Take the snapshot.

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