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IDERA SQL Secure provides the following new features and fixed issues.

3.4.1 Fixed issues

  • The time to keep snapshots before letting them be groomed is no longer set by default to one day when importing files in CSV format.
  • The User Permission report is no longer showing errors in the db_role information.
  •  The User Permissions report shows all schema level permissions data. The Object Type filter is no longer generating blank spaces after any object type name.
  •  You can access registry key information and the SQL Server install folder with Local Administrador and Sysadmin permissions. The Snapshot collection is no longer displaying warning messages caused by permissions on the SQL Server instance.
  • "Orphaned users" security check is no longer identifying users without matching logins as orphan users.
  • The All User Permissions report now allows you to expand or collapse results upon report execution. When the report has many permission results, displaying the results collapsed will allow the report to complete execution faster while permissions can be expanded and explored for each audited database.
  • Generating the Database Roles report is no longer causing a "maximum recursion" error message.
  • SQL Secure fixed the "Is the SQL Server sa account enabled" security check to have a passed status when the finding is "The sa account is not enabled".

3.4 New features

  • SQL Secure adds a DISA-NIST STIG policy and security check templates for SQL Server 2016, with 11 security checks enabled by default.
  • An additional policy field filtering option was implemented in the Assessment Comparison report.

3.4 Fixed issues

  • The error message where "SQL Secure was unable to acquire a valid key" is no longer displayed while trying to take snapshots after decommissioning some servers.
  • The SQL Mail or Database Mail Enabled security check now is working as expected.
  • Addressed several areas causing poor performance and usability in the user permissions report with significant success.
  • Streamlined workflow for the snapshot data collection operation.

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