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This topic helps clarify the per-instance licensing of IDERA SQL Secure when dealing with Azure SQL Database instances. Simply, you add Azure SQL Database to monitor in SQL Secure using the instance name, just as you do with on-premises and Information as a Service (IaaS) instances. IDERA licensing works the same way.

In Azure SQL Database, there is still the logical construct of a "SQL Server," although it is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) implementation. When you set up an Azure SQL Database in the Azure Portal you do so by creating a SQL Server (which is not to be confused with a SQL Server running on a VM) and then you create databases. The following images help illustrate this concept:

In the previous images, the SQL Server "lenticular," which is located at, is the host for a set of Azure SQL Databases. In IDERA SQL Secure, you would register the "" name and have access to all of the SQL Databases in that instance. The following image shows how this license is applied in IDERA SQL Secure.

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