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Use the Primary tab of the Log Shipping Policy wizard to select which SQL Server instance will be the primary source of the log files. This is the database you will be backing up by using log shipping.

What information is required on this tab?

On this tab, you have to specify the following fields:

  • SQL Server - Specify the SQL Server that contains the database to be backed up. 
  • Database - Select the database from which you will ship the backup logs.
  • Backup Job - This schedule defines how often the backup job occurs. By default, SQL Safe schedules this job to occur every day, every 15 minutes between 12:00 AM and 11:59 PM, and to start on the current date. Click Schedule to change the frequency and start date.
  • Backup Options - These options allow you to change the methods used for compression, encryption, and the number of threads used when performing a backup.

Log shipping cannot be performed on a database configured to use the simple recovery model. Your database should use the Full or the Bulk-logged recovery model. SQL Safe prompts you to change the recovery model if the simple recovery model is currently used at the database.

What types of compression algorithms are available?

You can select from the following compression algorithms:

  • None
  • IntelliCompress, optimize for size (iSpeed)
  • IntelliCompress, optimize for speed (iSize)
  • Levels 1, 2, 3, 4

  Backup operations using Level 1 complete fastest but achieve the least amount of compression. Level 4 achieves maximum compression but the backup operation may take longer.

For more information about backup compression and encryption, see How to choose compression and encryption.

What types of encryption algorithms are available?

You can select from the following encryption algorithms:

  • None
  • AES (128-bit)
  • AES (256-bit)

If your SQL Server environment requires FIPS compliance, use the AES encryption option. For more information, see Ensure FIPS compliance.

When performing a backup, ensure the backup does not truncate the transaction logs of the database. Truncating the log will cause this log shipping policy to fail.

After defining your setting in this tab, click Next to select the location for log shipping.  

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