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SQL Safe Backup provides the following new features and fixed issues.

8.6.1 New Features

Backup and Restore operations

  • SQL Safe Backup now supports backup compression for TDE-enabled databases with native SQL Server (.bak) format.
  • SQL Safe Backup now supports backup and restore for Change Data Capture (CDC) enabled databases preserving the CDC metadata and capture \ cleanup jobs.

Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019

  • IDERA SQL Safe Backup 8.6.1 version now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2019 for all operations.

8.6.1 Fixed Issues

CLI and T-SQL Commands

  • SQLSAFE-14275 SQLSAFE-14269 CLI and T-SQL commands are now working properly for all SQL Safe Backup operations.


  • SQLSAFE-14247 Backup operation statuses are now displayed properly in the Policy Status tab for SQL Server versions older than 2012.


  • SQLSAFE-14267 Performing a Point-In-Time restore no longer leaves the database in "recovering" state.

8.6 New Features

Azure / Amazon S3 Cloud

  • SQL Safe Backup 8.6 version now supports Azure and Amazon S3 subfolders.

Cloud Environment

  • Redesigned cloud backup and restore operations for Azure and Amazon S3 storage.

Support for Microsoft Windows 2019

  • IDERA SQL Safe Backup 8.6 version now supports Microsoft Windows 2019.

8.6 Fixed Issues

Availability Group

  • SQLSAFE-14063 SQL Safe Backup operations are now working properly in availability groups.


  • SQLSAFE-14206 Users can now perform backup operations to an Azure location specifying the container name as "Page blob". 

Backup / Restore

  • SQLSAFE-11856 SQLSAFE-13585 SQLSAFE-13890 SQLSAFE-13924 SQLSAFE-14009 SQLSAFE-14161 Users can now backup and restore large databases to/from Azure and Amazon S3 locations.
  • SQLSAFE-13539 SQLSAFE-14083 Users can now backup and restore to/from Azure and Amazon S3 cloud base storage using subfolders.
  • SQLSAFE-14193 SQLSAFE-14194 Users can now perform AdHoc backup and AdHoc restore operations to Amazon S3 and Azure cloud storage using subfolders. They need to make sure to select the Force Restore (replace) option when performing restore operations.
  • SQLSAFE-14087 SQLSAFE-14091 Backup and restore operations are now working properly for TSM and Amazon S3 locations.

Cluster Environment

  • SQLSAFE-13853 Users can now perform Object Level Recovery and Virtual Database operations to an agent in a clustered environment.

FIPS Compliance

  • SQLSAFE-13847 Users can now perform backup and restore operations when enabling FIPS compliance. They can save Azure Pub Account details in the Web and Desktop Console.


  • SQLSAFE-13546 Users cannot run backup policies to a snapshot database.
  • SQLSAFE-14192 Users can now perform backup policies using subfolders from azure locations.


  • SQLSAFE-13952 The Restore wizard is now working properly when restoring backed up databases to Amazon S3 locations in a remote instance.
  • SQLSAFE-14053 Instant Restore operations to large databases are now working properly when it is restored to a new database or to an existing database using the "Force Restore" option.


  • SQLSAFE-14049 After upgrading from SQL Safe Backup 8.5.2 to 8.6, the registration of the Web Console is now successful.
  • SQLSAFE-14123 Users can now upgrade the SQL Safe Agent Components from an old SQL Safe Backup product version to 8.6 version properly.

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