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To use the SafeToSQL utility, run the Command Prompt, and then type the appropriate command syntax for the conversion you need to execute. Use the following descriptions to choose the options you need.

Command syntax

Use the following syntax when converting a SQLsafe archive file:

SafeToSQL source_file_path [-backupfile file_name] [ -backupset #] [-password pwd] [-list]

Where the following option is mandatory:


Defined as the complete directory path and file name of the SQLsafe archive containing the backup set to convert to Microsoft SQL Server backup format.


The SafeToSQL utility provides the following options.

-backupfile filename

Provides the names of additional files in multi-file archives. You must specify each file in a multi-file archive and provide the complete path to the file.

-backupset #

Specifies the index (1-based) of the backup set in an archive containing multiple backup sets. If you do not specify the backup set index, the backup set defaults to 1, the index of the first backup set in the archive.

-password pwd

Specifies the password for decrypting an encrypted backup set. If the backup set is encrypted, provide the password you specified during backup.


Prints out the complete contents of the archive specified by source_file_path.

Output file name format

SafeToSQL uses the following file naming convention for SQLsafe backup files it converts to Microsoft SQL Server backup files:


Where the file name components are as follows:


Specifies the name of the source archive file.


Specifies the name of the backup set index.