Mapping determines how database tables and views are paired together. Default mapping is based on the name of the object. A table/view on the "left" schema can only be mapped to a table/view with the same name on the "right" schema. You can change the mapping type by choosing a "Custom" mapping and specify the objects that should be paired together, which might not necessarily have the same name.

To define custom mappings, you need to:

  • Set the <TableMappingSchema> under <CommandLineOptions> element to Custom.
  • Specify the custom pairs of Tables/Views under the element <TablePairs> or <ViewPairs>

The following xml fragment defines custom mappings:

          <LeftObject Name="dbo.Table_A"></LeftObject>
          <RightObject Name="dbo.Table_AA"></RightObject>
          <LeftObject Name="dbo.Table_B"></LeftObject>
          <RightObject Name="dbo.Table_BB"></RightObject>

Specify the full name of the objects in the custom mappings set.

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