The Workbench is the DB Change Manager development environment. It provides the interface to create, manage, and navigate DB Change Manager processes through interaction with views, editors, and menus.

Based on Eclipse standards, the individual parts of the Workbench share certain elements in common and provide you with a uniform, integrated system for working in DB Change Manager. In addition, you can customize aspects of the environment to suite your development requirements.

The Workbench space is composed of Views and Editors, as well as the Menu Bar and Command Toolbar.

  • The Menu Bar options control functionality and processes. They apply either to the whole application, or to individual views and editors, depending on what has the focus of the mouse.
  • The Command Toolbar icons run commonly-used Menu Bar commands.

License Selection Dialog

The license Selection dialog opens if, at startup, the product detects more than one license available. You can choose the license you want to use from a list that includes details about each license.

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