This build of DB Change Manager includes many fixed issues, including the following updates.

17.0.4 New features

Adds support for SQL Server 2019 and Oracle 19c

DB Change Manager 17.0.4 adds support for SQL Server 2019 and Oracle 19c.

17.0.4 Fixed issues

There are no customer-reported issues fixed in DB Change Manager 17.0.4.

17.0.3 New features

There are no new features in DB Change Manager 17.0.3.

17.0.3 Fixed issues

Issue #DescriptionDBMS
SC-14775Stored procedures marked as not matching but no differences shownSQL Server
SC-14760"Data source name cannot exceed more than 30 characters" in Change Manager and DB Optimizer

17.0.2 New features

Updates version

DB Change Manager 17.0.2 is simply an update to the version number.

17.0.2 Fixed issues

There are no fixed issues in DB Change Manager 17.0.2.

17.0.0 New features

Updates licensing

DB Change Manager includes a new licensing process to bring it into standard with the rest of the DB PowerStudio products.

Updates installer

The installer for DB Change Manager now:

  • verifies that a supported version of Windows OS exists on the machine before continuing with the installation
  • offers offline .MSI files for installation

Removes support for InterBase, Firebird

DB Change Manager no longer supports InterBase or Firebird.

Removes Auto-Update and Install New Software features from Help menu

This version of DB Change Manager includes an update Help Menu that no longer includes Auto-Update and Install New Software options.

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