Introduction to Precise 10.2

Introducing Precise 10.2

Precise 10.2 is a complete Precise version, which includes and provides enhancements and fixes for Precise version 10.1. This topic describes the new features introduced, the technologies supported and no longer supported, and the issues resolved by this version.

Installing Precise 10.2

Install Precise 10.2 in the following ways, depending on the currently installed Precise version:

New Features and Enhancements for Precise 10.2

Includes new Custom Portal based on Sencha UI framework

Precise 10.2 extends the new user interface based on modern UI technologies to include a new Custom Portal (ASD) based on the Sencha UI framework [PRECISE-19208]. This technology allows users to run the Precise Custom Portal on modern web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as well as provide support for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

You can launch the Custom Portal by using the following URL format:

e.g. http://precisefp:20790/precise#asd

Before using the new UI, you must clear the browser cache including saved cookies.

You can run the old Precise UI on Internet Explorer by using the following URL format:


For more information about using the new graphical user interface, see Precise Custom Portal User Guide.

Supports additional Oracle, DB2, and Sybase databases

Precise 10.2 supports the following technologies and components:

  • Oracle 18c Monitoring Station for AIX (PRECISE-19315)
  • Oracle 18c Monitoring Station for Windows (PRECISE-19316)
  • Oracle 19c Monitoring Station for Linux (RHEL) (PRECISE-19318)
  • Oracle 19c Monitoring Station for SPARC Solaris (PRECISE-19431)
  • DB2 11.5 (PRECISE-19314)
  • Sybase ASE 16 SP03 (PRECISE-19449)

Introduces zooming capability in graphs

Users now can zoom the view into a selection within graphs using the new Precise user interface.

Resolved Issues

  • Multiple issues in the new HTML GUI that were resolved by the interim GUI patch published in the following portal solution all are included in Precise 10.2.
    The Solution: 12628 (Precise 10.1 HTML UI Update)
  • Could not find stored procedure master..sp_dboption in objects. (PRECISE-19262)
  • DB2 bufferpool data is showing incorrect Bufferpool Hit Ratio value. (PRECISE-19304)
  • DB2 NPAGES: incorrect value recorded when Automatic sizing is used. (PRECISE-19313)
  • Problem starting Oracle 12.2 and 18c collectors. (PRECISE-19366)
  • Support for special characters in the database administrator password. (PRECISE-19249)
  • Actual plan of statement is not displayed in the Activity tab or SQL tab after tuning the SQL Server statement. (PRECISE-19425)
  • Statement text last character is truncated for SQL Server instance. (PRECISE-19463)

    Note that as a side effect of this fix in some cases, the captured SQL text for some statements is one character more than what it used to be. Due to this difference, the statement id and SHV values for that statement are different and hence the statement appears as a different statement in the statement-level drilldown. There is no change in the batch drilldown.

The following issues specifically related to the new HTML UI are resolved in Precise 10.2.

  • Precise - Tiers graphs in left grid are going out of view in Application Dashboard page. (PRECISE-19234)
  • Zoom functionality of bar graphs. (PRECISE-19278)
  • Jolt data not getting rendered in IE. (PRECISE-19299)
  • In the Activity screen of SQL server when we are in the zoom-in screen if you select the time frames like 1d, 2d, 2w, etc. are ineffective in case of charts but data, as well as the time frame, is being loaded correctly. (PRECISE-19365)
  • Handle line with dots type of graphs. (PRECISE-19277)
  • Settings given have a Save issue. (PRECISE-19334)
  • Kill session not supported in Current tab in new GUI. (PRECISE-19174)
  • Switching tabs in SQL tab (SQL Server) plan tab to History and Recommend shows error. (PRECISE-19259)
  • Analyze button from imported custom portlet does not maintain context. (PRECISE-19194)
  • Report: Not able to save the custom report when Excel report is open. (PRECISE-19311)
  • Backend Response Time (Summed) column is not able to show data in graphical form. (PRECISE-19180)
  • Web Transaction Flow link is not displayed for the Microsoft .NET application in Application Dashboard of Precise new UI. (PRECISE-19295)
  • Search box is not available in left panel of Activity tab of J2ee tier. (PRECISE-19124)
  • In left grid of Infrastructure tab search box is not available in new GUI. (PRECISE-19188)
  • Search box in left panel of web tier Activity tab is missing. (PRECISE-19121)
  • Highlights tab of Application Dashboard page is displaying error. (PRECISE-19257)
  • New. Open, Re-Explain and Sybase Plan button is missing in top right corner of SQL tab. (PRECISE-19177)
  • Undefined title issues in Precise New GUI. (PRECISE-19223)
  • Compare plans functionality not available. (PRECISE-19197, PRECISE-19381)
  • Tune statement in all instance context in Sybase is not working. (PRECISE-19459)
  • Problem starting the installer with v10 using https. (PRECISE-19410)
  • Precise for DB2: Errors in collector scripts. (PRECISE-18981)
  • Making 12c tuner client default. (PRECISE-19361)
  • Direct URL to admin point in new GUI. (PRECISE-19362)
  • Unable to launch APM Instance Installer in IE11. (PRECISE-19374)

Known Issues

  • For Precise for SQL Server, you must restart the Precise Focal Point after an upgrade if you are using remote instances. You also must start the SQL agents after the Focal Point restart.

  • When an Oracle monitoring instance is created immediately after framework installation, errors can occur in Oracle warehouse processes located under Adminpoint > Warehouse Processes. In such cases, restart the Oracle Focal Point and PMDB focal point to resolve the problems.

  • After a fresh install or upgrade, you must restart the Precise GUI service before using the Custom Portal.

  • There is an issue with injdn.dll and injdn_x64.dll on Windows Server 2008 R2 with .NET monitoring. When a .NET instance is installed on Windows Server 2008 R2, a “Bad Image” error occurs. You can resolve this problem by installing the following Windows Security Update on the machine:

  • Some of the binaries from the Precise 10.2 installer appear as a threat under AVG antivirus. This is a false positive with AVG and does not cause any problems. You may want to whitelist when using AVG as antivirus.

  • The first time you access the Precise custom portal (ASD) after a fresh Precise install or upgrade, it may fail to load. As a workaround, a one-time restart of the Precise GUI tomcat is required.
    Use the following steps as a work around: 

    1. Stop the Precise FW services

      1. On UNIX machines

      2. On Windows machines
        .\<precise_dir>\infra\bin\psin_infra -multi-service stop

    2. Start the Precise FW services

      1. On UNIX machines

      2. On Windows machines
        .\<precise_dir>\infra\bin\psin_infra -multi-service start

    3. Clear the browser cache.

    4. Access the custom portal using url http://<hostname>:<port>/asd.

      If the issue still persists please contact Precise Support.

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