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About viewing an Add-on AppTier in Precise StartPoint

Within Precise, you can view the data flow diagram of AppTiers on StartPoint and in the Overview tab for Insight. The Add-on AppTier first appears in StartPoint as an unlinked front-end AppTier on the data flow diagram. In StartPoint, you can move the Add-on AppTier to the correct order and add links to the Precise environment. The Add-on AppTier name (for example: _MyApp or _MyApp_2) appears as a workspace on the StartPoint screen. See the Precise Installation Guide for details regarding StartPoint.

About viewing an Add-on AppTier in Insight

The Add-on AppTier is displayed in the Overview tab for Insight, either in the Insight Cross-AppTiers workspace or in the workspace for the Add-on AppTier. Grouped entities (by default) are not displayed in the Insight user interface. See the Precise Insight User's Guide for more details.

About viewing an Add-on AppTier in Report Manager

Report Manager compares the actual performance metrics to an appropriate baseline and identifies significant deviations. When you select a report, Report Manager displays its assigned reports in the Reports Table. Report Manager displays the following types of reports:

  • Top-n reports to identify major business activities and resource hogs
  • Trend reports to establish and analyze long-term system behavior
  • Exception reports to identify deviations (from an established baseline) also from long-term system behavior

Report Manager reports are grouped into the following six different sets:

  • Profile
  • Exceptions
  • Availability
  • Load Balancing
  • Capacity Planning
  • Customized

See Precise Report Manager User’s Guide for more information.

About viewing an Add-on AppTier in AdminPoint

AdminPoint operations include a number of workspaces used to configure or update Add-on AppTier instances, after completing installation.

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