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About the Insight ARM extension dynamic library

The Insight ARM extension dynamic library uses several configuration parameters which are stored in a shared memory segment. To find the shared memory, some environment variables must be defined for the Add-on AppTier application instance. This method passes some parameters to the Insight ARM extension dynamic library which runs inside the Add-on AppTier application. Additional configuration details, for example: the communication port (between the Insight ARM extension dynamic library and the Insight SDK Collector), the log file and log level are found in the shared memory.

The following table describes the three groups of internal ARM calls.

Table B-1 Groups of internal ARM calls

Group TypeDescription

An example of calls are: arm_init or arm_getid. The Initialization group includes the following:

  • Main initialization. This initializes all of the information regarding the running application.
  • Transaction initialization. This defines the transaction name and transaction details. All transaction information is saved by the Insight SDK extension dynamic library until the application ends.
Transaction status

An example of calls are: arm_start, arm_stop, and arm_update.

The Transaction status group includes the following:

  • All application information
  • All transaction definitions
  • Current transaction details

For example: arm_end

This signals the end of the application. In this call, the Insight ARM extension dynamic library releases the allocated shared memory and closes the IPC channel. If the user forgets to call a stop function, all resource processes are automatically released when the process ends.

Each transaction status event is sent to the Insight SDK Collector.

The following are transaction function calls:

  • Transaction start (arm_start call). It is called by the application at the start of each transaction.
  • Transaction stop (arm_stop call). It is called by the application at the end of each transaction.
  • Transaction update (arm_update call). The application can call any time after transaction start and before transaction stop for any transaction.

The Insight ARM extension dynamic library passes transaction status to the Insight SDK Collector (psi_sdk_poll process).

The following are transaction status information properties:

  • ARM application name
  • ARM user name
  • ARM transaction name
  • ARM transaction ID
  • ARM transaction status (sent during stop status)
  • ARM correlation ID
  • Timestamp
  • User metrics
  • User additional buffer

All of the properties are sent in the following format:

property_name1=value1, property_name2=value2

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